Military Cemetery – Heroes’ Cemetery

The closed down cemetery was established for the burial of the Hungarian home-defending heroes and the Russian Tsarist soldiers, who were killed in the Battle of Debrecen on 2 August 1849. Then, during World War I and World War II, it was enlarged to its present size to cater to the burial of the military heroes and victims of various nationalities.

Cemetery of Russian POW and the Victims of Epidemics

A separate cemetery was established in 1915 for the victims of the epidemic that had broken out in the nearby Russian POW camp. It was enlarged in 1917 and in 1925 to cater to the burial of the soldiers of various nationalities who were killed in Debrecen during World War I.

War Graves, Debrecen Municipal Cemetery

Many heroes and victims of various nationalities who lost their lives during World War I and World War II are buried in family and military graves in the public cemetery of Debrecen, which was opened in 1932.

War Graves, Debrecen Israelite Cemetery

The only operating religious cemetery – the Jewish cemetery – in Debrecen was established in the first half of the 19th century. In the jewish cemetery resting places for the Hungarian soldiers who fell during the revolution of 1848/49, the military heroes of World War I. and II., the heroic labourers of World War II., as well as grave signs and monuments of the victims of Holocaust can be found.

War Memorials, Hajdu-bihar

Military graves and memorials of Balmazújváros. (Under construction.)